SamKnows, Ofcom and you: working together for better broadband

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After the success of SamKnows' initial round of broadband speed testing in 2009 we want to keep the momentum going, and in conjunction with Ofcom are looking to expand our broadband monitoring work into 2010 and beyond.

We aim to provide the UK with reliable and accurate statistics on the actual performance of broadband connections, and not just the speeds that they are advertised as being "up to". If you are interested in helping us by hosting one of our units and playing a part in changing the face of the UK broadband industry, then please sign up below!

It's worth taking the time to read through the requirements before proceeding.

We like to think that we're a pretty welcoming bunch but please note that not everyone who registers here will necessarily receive a unit - we do however thank all of you for trying to make UK broadband better.

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